Pathways to Education Photo Exhibit Fundraiser

A better future for Canada starts with high school graduation.

Pathways to Education Canada

Some students may be permanently disconnected from their education.

Dropping out affects us all.

It can limit a young person’s potential for the rest of their lives and it costs Canada billions in lost tax revenue, social assistance, and health care. Today across Canada, there are more than 300,000 high school students facing significant barriers to their graduation.

Pathways to Education Canada

Towards the end of the school year, Alfred, a Junior at Upper Canada College reached out to me and proposed me the idea of a end of year photo exhibit. As we always do, the photography club hosts an exhibit around this time of the school year. The form is often an gallery in the Art's hallway located on the main floor of the campus, but this year, during the COVID-19 crisis, we thought about moving online.

Students at Upper Canada College is an extreamly privileged education environment. This is why we are obligated to help students and youth around us. We believe that youth is our future and we support those in need. That's the reason why Pathways to Education Canada is our choice for this years photo exhibit.

Alfred contacted the organization and proposed this idea. After we got positive feedback, I started to build this online exhibit.

Online Platform

Alfred gathered the submitted photos and sent them to me, honestly, I was amazed by the quality and aesthetics of the art pieces. I spent a few days designing the layout and came up with an interface like this.

I made sure that this online exhibit will work on any device and still maintaining the overall layout and theme of the web page.

When you hover, you get a quick look at the name and author of the piece. The animations and the the effects on the icon gives the user a great experience navigating through the site.

These are the amazing photos we collected from the photography club this year


Once you click on a photo, you can get a sense of the whole piece of art. I added some filters and badges to restrict downloading from the website.

Below the photo, there is a button to donate to Pathways to Canada. After you complete the donation, you will receive an email containing the photo for you to preserve.


Funds raised as of June 3rd

We were able to collect more than $560 (some in cash) to donate to Pathways to Education Canada. Although this might not seem much, but I hope that these funds could go to youth in need and maybe change their life.

This is an amazing initiative and during the course of a couple weeks, I was able to start from an idea and put together a aesthetic platform for students teachers and parents to support our creates in the photography club as well as children in Canada that needs care.